Christopher Alipio, MD, DSBPP, FPPA
Board Certified Psychiatrist


Inquiries are entertained only Mon-Sat between 9-5 pm


No account registration required

Services Available

  • Consultation
    • Diagnosis
    • Management Planning, and
    • General Strategies
    • Medication Management
    • Psychotherapy
  • Medication Refill
    • Can be accomplished through email or via FB Pages
  • Certifications (If necessary)
    • I am conservative in issuing certificates for work accommodation.

Limitations – Not provided as of the moment – Online Platform inappropriate

  • Emergency Cases (Bring to an Emergency Room with Psychiatric Services – NCMH, PGH, Cavite Center for Mental Health, UERM, TMC, Makati Med)
    • Suicidal attempt just now or in the past 2 weeks
    • Physically aggressive, cannot be contained
    • Senior Citizen or Known Medically Ill with sudden changes in behavior
  • Forensic Consultations
    • Certifications for Legal Proceedings
  • Individuals younger than 18 years old (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist is needed)


Available upon inquiry. (Prepaid, through BDO, BPI, Metrobank, GCash or Paypal)


  1. Inquire for a schedule, if schedule is available, pay and confirm schedule
  2. Fill out necessary online forms (links will be sent), read consent, send a photo of a valid ID (you can blur out important/sensitive information or numbers).
    • If you are not able to electronically sign a PDF, write on a piece of paper: “I have read and understood Dr. Alipio’s Telepsychiatry Consent Form and agree to its content.” Take a photo and send it along with the photo of your ID.
  3. Online Consultation
  4. Prescription will be sent through electronic means.