Pinoy Mental Health Blog


Consulting Hours:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday to Friday, excluding non-working holidays and work cancellations)

Registration Hours/Cut-off:
The ARMMC outpatient enforces a registration cutoff.
AM – 10 AM Cutoff
PM – 2 PM Cutoff

Appointment Method:
You get your appointment when you go to the clinic. If the queue is filled up for the day you are given an appointment on the next available date.

What if I miss my appointment?
You will be given a new schedule.

Lunch Break
Yes. You don’t want a hungry Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists need to rest too. I resent people who remind me that government offices don’t have lunch breaks. Yes, the office doesn’t but I do. People take turns to eat to keep office open. Most of the time, there is only one Psychiatrist present so I can’t take turns with myself. Again, you don’t want a hungry, tired, and emotionally burnt out therapist.

No intensive psychotherapy at the APU. We provide basic consulting, assessment, diagnosis, brief psychotherapeutic techniques, crisis prevention. We do not perform intensive psychotherapy to be able to help more people in a given amount of time.

Pediatric Population: (<18) No we don’t have a child psychiatrist.

Medico-Legal/Forensic/Annulments/Adoptions/Capacity: (assessments for court proceedings) No, go private.

Do we have a phone? : No

Psychiatrists/Staff: 3 consultants, all board certified, one full time, one part time, one visiting. 2 females, one male.

Why is the Nurse asking me stuff outside? : Don’t get offended, it’s Triage, the nurse is a mental health professional. We only have one room and consultations are going on inside.

Companion Needed? We encourage first time clients to bring a collateral informant. They also serve as our therapeutic ally in helping you. It can be anybody you trust. If we deem you incapable of consenting for yourself, we will require you a companion.